Relocation – Previously Removal

Previously, the Act required custodial parents to obtain court permission to move outside of Illinois. Now however, depending on the amount of time allocated, when one parent wishes to relocate with a child, there are additional and revised procedures which govern the proposed relocation. he or she must provide at least 60 days’ written notice of the relocation to the other parent under the parenting plan or allocation judgment.
Its important to note, a parent who is not allocated parenting time is not entitled to access the child’s school or healthcare records unless a court finds that it is in the child’s best interests to provide those records to the parents.  Therefore, if you are not allocated parenting time you may not be entitled to access your child’s school or healthcare records.
Additionally, step-parents are now provided more rights such as having a right to file a petition for allocation of parental responsibilities.  If you are a step-parent and you wish to have parental responsibilities over your step-child contact us today to discuss your rights.