Illinois Trial Court Divorce Digest for Success in Custody Case

Daniel Kessler and Marvin A. Mendez Featured in Follow-Up Article for Illinois Trial Court Divorce Digest for Success in Custody Case.

The September 2016 edition of the Illinois Trial Court Divorce Digest featured Dussias Skallas Wittenberg attorneys Daniel Gold-Kessler and Marvin A. Mendez for their success in winning custody arrangements on behalf of a client seeking to maintain stability and security for her children. In a follow-up summary in this month’s issue, the Digest chronicles how Mr. Gold-Kessler and Mr. Mendez maintained their success by securing more than half of the marital estate for the same client.
Despite arguments from her ex-husband, Judge Thomas J. Kelley awarded the wife 58% of the marital estate, including the marital residence, enabling mother and children to remain in their home. And, though a vocational expert hired by the opposing party claimed she could be earning far more than her current income, Mr. Gold-Kessler and Mr. Mendez proved the wife was in good faith by arguing she was attempting to maximize her income by working two part-time jobs while also prioritizing the care of her young family. The Dussias Skallas Wittenberg team effectively ensured the wife was granted substantial maintenance and child support in addition to the marital estate and primary custody.
The attorneys’ winning arguments are summarized in the November 2016 issue of Illinois Trial Court Divorce Digest.