Pre & Post-Nuptial Agreements

If you are looking to protect your wealth in the future, it may be advisable to consider entering into a formal agreement with your fiance or spouse to preserve your financial rights. Business owners, athletes, entertainers, and individuals contemplating marriage later in life, after having worked hard to build an estate, can consider signing Prenuptial Agreements before the marriage or Postnuptial Agreements after the marriage to protect their interests.
Often times, a Prenuptial Agreement is a difficult concept for individuals to discuss prior to marriage, but it may avoid controversy or conflict in the future. At DSWK, the approach to Prenuptial Agreements is not designed to be punitive toward a prospective spouse, but rather to clearly define each parties’ rights and obligations going into a marriage in an effort to help avoid those types of disputes at any point in the future and to remove the decision-making of those disputes from third parties, such as judges and keeping control of the process between the parties. Prenuptial Agreements can also be useful in helping to avoid the tremendous cost and acrimony of contested divorce litigation.

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