Estate Planning


Estate planning encompasses much more than avoiding probate. We provide a wide range of services to help clients meet their personal and financial goals: business planning, multi-generational wealth management and transfer, asset protection, retirement planning, charitable giving, payment of educational and medical expenses, tax minimization and ensuring physical/medical care.
Using a revocable trust as the primary dispositive document to avoid the expense of probate administration and to secure the privacy of our clients’ affairs, a complete estate plan also includes documents that delegate authority to make lifetime financial and medical decisions. Unique circumstances such as fairness in blended families and the medical and educational needs children or grandchildren with special needs must be addressed during the planning process. Beyond typical wills and trusts, Dussias Skallas Wittenberg Koenigsberger attorneys are well versed in drafting plans and testamentary documents that deal with assets such as life insurance, annuities, IRAs real estate and other retirement benefits that require either special beneficiary designations or joint account status in order to pass to survivors.

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